Illinois Family Receives $15M Settlement In Airplane Accident Lawsuit

An Illinois family has received a $15 million settlement from Morgan Stanley and the pilot of a plane that crashed into a storage facility at the Chicago Executive Airport in 2006 killing 37 year old Michael Waugh – a husband and father of three small boys.

Illinois wrongful death

This Illinois wrongful death lawsuit involves a plane crash which killed four people. According to an article in Chicago Breaking News, a twin engine Cessna carrying two Morgan Stanley employees, another business executive and restauranteur Michael Waugh. Waugh's family hired an Illinois aviation accident lawyer and filed a lawsuit against Morgan Stanley and the plane's pilot, a Morgan Stanley employee, alleging that the financial company was negligent by improperly allowing employees to fly personal planes to conduct business. The family settled the lawsuit for $15 million – $6 million of which will go to Waugh's widow and the remaining $9 million will be divided amongst the couple's three young sons.

How can an aviation attorney help you?

Aviation attorneys represent clients against airplane manufacturers, airport facilities, flight schools and pilots – and can represent clients before the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Whether you've been involved in a helicopter accident, a private plane accident, a charter plane accident, a general aviation accident or a commercial plane accident, it's important to know that aviation law is very specialized and requires an experienced aviation law attorney. Make sure you interview whomever you hire beforehand to determine how long they've been practicing aviation law, what percentage of their practice is dedicated to aviation law, the outcomes of the cases they've handled and the amount of damages awarded in those cases.

Aviation damages can be substantial

Damages in an aviation case can be substantial – and often result in multi-million dollar verdicts or settlements as seen in the case above. While no amount of damages can replace a life lost, surviving family members should at least be aware that there are options available that can ultimately assist them financially and provide them with the means for emotional support that is understandably an important aspect of any tragedy.