Can I be reimbursed for attorneys fees and costs for a lemon law claim?

Generally, you can be reimbursed for attorney's fees and costs in a lemon law claim as long as those fees are reasonable and as long as you win your case. The right to attorney fees is included in the lemon law statutes in most states.

A lemon law claim arises based on the sale of a vehicle to an individual that doesn't function in the manner that a vehicle should. When you have a car that must be repaired frequently within a short period of time, that vehicle may qualify as a lemon car under lemon law. The specific number of repairs within a given time frame required to qualify a car as a lemon, as well as any other requirements that can result in your vehicle being labeled a lemon car, vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. However, the lemon law in most jurisdictions allow for reimbursement of reasonable legal fees if you win your case.

Reasonable attorney fees will depend on the current market rate for legal services in your jurisdiction at the time, as well as on how many hours the average attorney would spend on a lemon law claim. For example, if yours was a very simple lemon law case, you aren't going to be reimbursed for 1000 hours of attorney’s fees at $10 an hour. You would, however, likely be able to be reimbursed for 10-20 hours of attorney fees for your lemon law case at $200 an hour. Of course, there may not be any guarantee that you will win your lemon law case, and if you don't win, then you will not receive any reimbursement for your attorney’s fees. The money in such instances will need to come out of your own pocket unless you had a contingent arrangement with the attorney who was handling the lemon law case.

The best thing to do if you are undergoing a lemon law claim is to speak to a consumer or lemon law attorney, find out if you have a good case or not, and get help understanding exactly how the process of making a lemon law claim will work.