What is traffic school? Would traffic school reduce my fine? Or the points on my license?

Some states have concluded that education offers the best avenue to reduce future traffic violations, and that an educated driver is a safer driver. As a result, those states allow people who are ticketed to plead guilty or "no content" to minor traffic offenses, pay the fine and then go to traffic school.

Traffic school is a 6 - 10 hour program of instruction on driving safety and traffic laws offered by a state authorized school. After successfully completing traffic school and submitting the proof of completion to the state DMV, the violation and the "points" are then removed from your driving record.

Typically the states allow attendance at traffic school to remove a violation from your driving record only once every 12 - 18 months, and only if it is a minor traffic violation.

As to whether traffic school will save you money or not, consider the fact that you will have to pay the fine, and perhaps also an added DMV fee, plus the traffic school's fees, and spend about 6 - 10 hours of time to attend classes and/or self-study. Consider also the impact on your auto insurance rates if you do not have the points removed.