Can a student be suspended or expelled from a public school?

A student has the right to attend a public school. Such right of attendance may be taken away if the student fails to comply with reasonable regulations, requirements, and rules of the school. A student's failure to abide by such rules may result in the student's suspension or expulsion. Usually, the school authorities have the right to define the reasons for which a student can be suspended or expelled. Generally, it is the responsibility of the principal or teacher in charge of the public school to order suspension or expulsion.

Some of the reasons for suspension or expulsion may be:

  • Insubordination or misconduct subversive of the discipline of the schoo;
  • The sale or use of controlled substances or alcohol on school premise;
  • The use of profane or obscene languag;
  • Violent behavior, such as fightin;
  • Under appropriate regulations for absences or tardiness without satisfactory excuses.

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