I'm unhappy with group disability insurance. What are my options for private coverage?

Having adequate disability insurance coverage is important, particularly if you believe you may have a need for it in the future. If your employer offers group disability insurance coverage, but it isn't satisfactory, you should speak with a local insurance lawyer as soon as possible to explore other possible options such as private coverage.

While you might not like the the idea of paying out for private disability insurance, employer-sponsored group disability insurance is not necessarily a better financial deal. In fact, an insurance lawyer can help direct you to some surprisingly affordable options that might be well worth making the switch, and can offer you peace of mind knowing your disability insurance will cover any potential situations.

In some cases, employer-sponsored group disability insurance simply is not as good as it could be. While group disability insurance deals can offer coverage to employees that would not otherwise have it, the package is also somewhat limited by size, budget, and method used by the employer. Should you have specific needs for disability insurance, or if you feel uncomfortable with the proposed coverage, don't waste your money on something that isn't offering the security that it should.

When shopping for insurance, especially disability insurance, it's important to have an unbiased guide. Insurance agents, of course, have an interest in trying to sell you something, so they may not be the best resource. An insurance lawyer, on the other hand, can give you objective advice.

An insurance lawyer understands the different types of disability benefits and the rules and regulations that apply, and can make sure you have comprehensive protection. It's in your best interest to seek out a local insurance lawyer to discuss what disability insurance options might be available to you.