Reliance Standard Disability Insurance: Denied Claims

Reliance Standard is one of the oldest insurance companies around. However, longevity doesn’t seem to go hand in hand with good faith insurance practices – especially when it comes to disability insurance.

Disability insurers making up the rules as they go

Disability insurers such as Reliance Standard have been accused of making up the rules as they go – despite the fact that every state has rules that must be followed. Bob Scott, a California attorney and partner with the Advocate Law Group, has seen it time and time again. In a recent interview, he told us that when he takes depositions of these insurance carriers, they don’t even know what the rules are. In fact, he says,

They are interpreting disability policies for individuals in California day after day. That’s wrong, and not only is that an actionable wrong if they deny your benefits, it’s also something that should be directed to the Insurance Commissioner of California by filing a complaint saying that, ‘They denied my claim, and I don’t think they’re following their own rules.’

53% of Reliance Standard’s customers are very unsatisfied

According to a survey on, 53% of Reliance Standard’s customers are very unsatisfied with the insurer. Here are the results of the survey which can be found at

Extremely Satisfied: 26%
Very Satisfied: 11%
Somewhat Satisfied: 5%
Unsatisfied: 5%
Very Unsatisfied: 53%

Customers speak out

Reliance Standard customers have left the following comments about their experiences with the insurer:

  • "This company is in business of selling just papers and promises."
  • "This company does not have their act together. We have had a business policy with them for about 6 months and have had nothing but problems. I would highly recommend that you stay away from this company."

    "I have long term disability benefits with Reliance Standard. I have been working with them on a claim for over six months. That is a long time without pay. They will take your money, but when it is time for them to pay you, you have to call and call...”

  • "Reliance Standard Life dose not investigate claims from insurance carriers. They make up their own minds and the only thing you can do is cancel the policy or retain a lawyer or file a claim with state attorney general…”

If Reliance Standard has denied or delayed paying your valid disability insurance benefits, contact an attorney whose practice focuses in disability law to discuss your situation. To speak with a qualified attorney, please click here. Consultations are free, without obligation and are strictly confidential.