UNUM & Paul Revere Life Pay $4.2M In Bad Faith Insurance Lawsuit

The UNUM Group and Paul Revere Life Insurance Co will pay millions to a dental hygienist after they cut off her disability benefits in bad faith. Many Americans are finding themselves in similar situations as insurance companies continue to delay and deny valid insurance benefits in order to increase profits in a bad economy.

Bad Faith Insurance Disability Lawsuit

The facts and circumstances in this bad faith insurance disability lawsuit are likely similar to many other Americans who were simply looking for their insurance companies to do not only what they said they would do – but what they were required to do by law. In this case, a female dental hygienist became disabled with cervical pain which severely affected her upper extremities and could no longer work. Her disability insurance policy, issued by UNUM Group and Paul Revere Life Insurance Company, was supposed to cover her for life. However, they stopped paying her after nine years and she filed a bad faith insurance lawsuit against them.

A California jury found that the insurers had unreasonably terminated her disability benefits by ignoring her doctor's recommendations or by conducting an MRI that would have proven that she was still disabled. It became clear that the insurers simply didn't want to pay her anymore – and they ended up paying big for it. A jury awarded her $4.2 million in compensation.

Bad Faith Insurance Injuries Are Compensable

If an insurance company has delayed or denied your valid insurance benefits, regardless of whether it claims that it was justified in its actions, contact an experienced bad faith insurance lawyer to discuss your situation and determine whether filing a bad faith insurance lawsuit might be in your best interests. Wronged policyholders should never be afraid of going up against a big insurance company – as long as they are represented by experienced counsel.