Farmers Group Accused of Insurance Bad Faith

Can you imagine having your home damaged or destroyed by fire and then having your insurance company not do what it promised to do – even though you paid your premiums on time? That's exactly what happened to over 1200 Farmers Insurance Group customers who still haven't been compensated for their losses over a year later. Those homeowners are fighting back and have filed an insurance bad faith lawsuit in order to force Farmers to do the right thing.

Insurance Bad Faith Lawsuit

Farmers Insurance Group, once voted one of the ten worst insurance companies in the U.S., doesn't seem to be doing much to change its image. In a bad faith insurance lawsuit recently filed in Los Angeles, over 1200 California homeowners who were victims of last year's wildfires say the insurer has either denied, delayed or underpaid their claims.

The insurance bad faith lawsuit filed against Farmers Insurance Groupaccuses the insurer of bad faith insurance practices, breach of contract and unfair business practices – specifically that Farmers "failed to properly handle and adjust plaintiffs' claims in good faith and, in fact, instituted claims practices designed to improperly deny and/or minimize valid claims, placing their own financial interest above that of their policyholders, in violation of their contractual obligations."

The 2009 wildfires killed two firefighters, injured many, burned over 336,000 acres from July through late November and damaged over 1,200 homes in Glendale, Sylmar, Altadena, La Crescenta, and other areas. The bad faith insurance lawsuit seeks compensatory and punitive damages, restitution and disgorgement for breach of contract, breach of good faith and unfair business practices.

Why Do Insurance Bad Faith Practices Continue?

Fire Insurance bad faith attorneys say that insurance bad faith practices continue because insurance companies perpetually seek to increase their bottom lines – and what better way to do that than to pay out as little as possible? However, insurance bad faith victims can fight back by filing an insurance bad faith lawsuit and force insurers to do the right thing by hitting them where it hurts most – in their wallets.