Fire Insurance Claims Manual Forward

As the rebuilding process begins for the Southern Californians who lost their homes to the recent devastating fires, one of the most crucial things they will have to do is submit their claims to their insurance companies. The process can be confusing and it may be the first time that many homeowners have had to submit a claim of this size and complexity.

The intended purpose of this publication is very simple – to help homeowners save time, money and headaches while dealing with their insurance companies during the rebuilding and/or repairing processes. Homeowners should have as much information as possible to make sure that their insurers do right by them. This publication, written in conjunction with the Advocate Law Group, provides information on how to do just that.

The outpouring of assistance during this crisis has been overwhelming. We at wanted to do something to help and are providing this information free of charge in the hopes that it will help even a few people.

Fire Insurance Claim Manual for Homeowners

  1. Fire Insurance Claims Manual Forward
  2. The Basics of Homeowners' and Fire Insurance
  3. How Fire Insurance Policies Work
  4. The Fire Insurance Claims Process: A Step by Step Review
  5. Identifying and Overcoming Fire Insurance Claims Obstacles
  6. Tips to Make the Fire Insurance Claims Process Work Smoothly
  7. Fire Insurance Lawyer - How to Hire