The Best & Worst of Long Term Care Insurance Companies

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Genworth Life Insurance, Unum Life Insurance and John Hancock Life Insurance had the fewest number of long term care complaints in 2005 at less than one percent based upon their total share of policies.

Conseco, Bankers Life & Casualty and Penn Treaty American had the highest number of long term care complaints filed – at 29%, 9% and 5% respectively. Conseco, in particular, has been a recent target for the many lawsuits that have emerged nationwide. Experts and former employees have reported that the company routinely denied claims for trivial reasons and were told by company executives not to contact caregivers to obtain proper documentation. It’s been reported that some insurers simply didn’t respond to complaints in the hope that the policyholder would simply go away, or even worse, die before collecting policy proceeds.

What to Do When Your Claim Has Been Denied

If your long term care claim has been denied, it’s prudent advice to contact a long term care attorney who has bad faith insurance law experience and who understands the way insurers operate. Bad faith litigation is very complicated and not the kind of litigation that you would want to handle on your own or where you would want to be represented by an inexperienced attorney. You are up against the power and resources of expert and very competent attorneys who represent large insurance companies. Where the stakes are high, your best course is to consult with an attorney, even to negotiate your case. Many attorneys do not charge a fee until after they have recovered compensation on your behalf.