How to Find a Class Action Lawsuit Attorney

If you have been injured in a way that many other people have been injured, you might want to start a class action lawsuit and become the Lead Plaintiff.

Your first step in doing this would be to find the right class action attorney:

  • who is experienced,
  • has a good track record, and
  • has adequate resources to help you launch a successful lawsuit.

Experience: Like other attorneys, class action lawyers should be competent in the area of law relevant to your case. A class action lawyer who handles security cases would probably not be a good choice for a defective products case. You want an attorney who is competent in your kind of case and is also experienced with class action cases.

Track Record: You will want to know the lawyer’s track record with class action cases. What percentage of class actions has the attorney resolved successfully and what kinds of settlements were reached? If a class action attorney recovered millions for him or herself, but little for the class, you may want to find a different attorney. You can ask the attorney to provide information about his or her history, and you might also want to talk to a Lead Plaintiff from a former class action lawsuit to see how that person liked working with the attorney.

Resources: In addition to competence and experience, you will want to make sure that a prospective class action lawyer has the resources to fully research and handle your case. You will want to know if the law firm is financially stable and how many other class action cases the firm is handling. If the firm lacks resources or is overextended, it may not be able to adequately pursue your class action.

You might be able to find a class action attorney through personal or professional referrals, but if that fails, you might research successful class action lawsuits similar to yours and contact the attorneys involved in those cases.

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