Should I, or do I need to be, involved in a class action, and is there risk or expense for me?

In most cases you need take no steps of your own to join a class action. Indeed, usually only those who wish to exclude themselves from a class case need do anything. By participating in a class case, you accomplish a number of objectives. You may receive compensation for a wrong, injury, or loss you have sustained -- compensation that may not have been available to you in any other forum. Through inclusion in a class of similarly harmed persons, you also demonstrate to the court that the alleged harm done was substantial and impacted a large number of people, increasing both the likelihood of recovery and its size. Moreover, the only costs to you will be drawn from any settlement or judgment proceeds upon successful resolution of the case. Class counsel work on a contingency fee basis and only get paid upon successful resolution of the matter. In addition, the attorneys advance expenses and costs associated with prosecuting class cases.