Have You Been Charged Outrageous Bank Overdraft Fees? Find Out How To Get Your Money Back

If you were overdrawn on your bank account by $5, why is your bank charging you a $35 overdraft fee? That's what thousands of hard working Americans want to know. Numerous bank overdraft fee lawsuits have been filed against some of the country's largest banks alleging that their overdraft fees are outrageous and taken without consent – and they're seeking to get that money back.

Bank Overdraft Class Action Lawsuits: How The Process Works

After you retain counsel and provide documentation to show that you were unlawfully charged a bank overdraft fee, your lawyer will prepare a complaint and file it. After that, there’s going to be a lot of discovery that goes on regarding the bank’s procedures. At some point, a judge will determine whether or not what the bank did was a lawful or unlawful practice.

There is a multi-district litigation (MDL) going on right now where many customers have already filed bank overdraft fee class action lawsuits. While not all banks have been sued or are involved in litigation, many are currently being investigated. Sovereign Bank was one of the banks that has been sued. The bank was recently purchased by Banco Santander, so customers of that bank may also be involved. Bank overdraft fee attorneys are looking for clients in all states and all banks as these cases aren't limited to any specific geographical area.

Bank Overdraft Class Action Lawsuits: No Costs Involved In The Process

There are no costs involved in the process of filing a bank overdraft lawsuit, according to bank overdraft fee lawyers. In fact, the law firms take care of all the expenses of the case, the filing of the pleadings and the costs associated with retaining experts. Contact an experienced bank overdraft fee lawyer today to find out what you can do to get your money back.