Is all litigation the very complicated and expensive?

No. Many cases can be handled rather simply and quickly and inexpensively, producing a very favorable outcome, through litigation. Sometimes, even in a complicated matter, just by starting litigation you will convince the other side you are serious, and motivate a quick settlement.

In cases that are not contingency cases, lawyers typically charge for their services by the hour. You’ll should discuss the issues of cost with an attorney at the outset. While all litigation can be somewhat unpredictable, the attorney can give you an idea of what to expect based on his or her experience.

One bit of critical advice. If you, as a client, want to "win at all costs" or "show them" or "wear the other side down", litigation can become frightfully expensive and mentally taxing. Our advice is to select your objective carefully, in line with your budget, and review everything with an attorney. Then be sure you don’t change direction and allow things to get out of control.