Florida Medical Malpractice: Doctors' Blame Each Other In Quadruple Amputee's Lawsuit

Medical malpractice cases often involve the actions - or in-actions - of more than one medical provider. One Florida woman knows that all too well. She became a quadruple amputee due to the negligence of two doctors who are now blaming each other for her injuries.

He said / she said medical malpractice

According to news reports, 45 year old Lisa Strong had a history of kidney stones. She thought she was experiencing one in September of 2003 and went to the emergency room. The emergency room doctor allegedly told another doctor hired by Lisa's insurance company to treat her that Lisa was suffering from kidney stones. However, the insurance company doctor treated her for something else altogether. The kidney stone blockage eventually prevented blood from getting to her extremities and her legs had to be amputated from the knees down and her arms had to be amputated from the elbows down only three days later.

She sued the doctors for medical malpractice in Florida. Unfortunately, the ER doctor testified that she told the insurance company doctor that Lisa was suffering from kidney stones. That doctor says that's not what he was told at all – which is why he treated her for something else. All of the consultations between the doctors occurred over the phone, so what actually happened became a he said / she said situation in court. Lisa, the victim, seems to have been caught in the middle – which is where she remains.

Judge orders new trial

Although a jury initially ruled against Strong, the Broward County judge in the case ordered a new trial in the case because of the overwhelming evidence against the doctors. Throwing out a jury verdict is something that rarely happens in the court system. Medical malpractice attorneys who have commented on the case believe that there was so much evidence in the case that the jury simply could not put it all into perspective.

Lisa, who has been severely disabled for over five years, now has a second chance to recover for the extraordinary injuries she sustained for what should have been a simple kidney stone procedure.