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Ohio Jury Awards Medical Malpractice Victim $10.6M

An Ohio woman who was left paralyzed after a fairly routine surgery was awarded $10.6 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit against her surgeon. It is reportedly the third largest medical malpractice verdict in Franklin County, Ohio. Read on and you'll see why...

Permanent injury

This Ohio medical malpractice case resulted in a permanent personal injury for Elizabeth Barnish. According to an article in The Columbus Dispatch, Barnish had been complaining about a pain in arm and consulted with Dr. Carolyn Neltner of Central Ohio Neurological Surgeons. Neltner advised Barnish to undergo cervical discectomy surgery in which a degenerating disc would be removed and a healthy bone plug would be inserted between her C5 and C6 vertebrae.

Although the surgery was supposed to be fairly routine, it didn't turn out that way. While the surgeon was inserting the bone plug, she tapped too hard and damaged Barnish's spinal cord - leaving her permanently paralyzed from the chest down. Although she can use her arms, her hands are now always clenched into fists.

She filed a lawsuit against Netlner for medical malpractice and a jury awarded her $10.6 million - $6.1 million of which represented compensatory damages, $3 million for pain and suffering and $1.5 million in noneconomic damages was awarded to her husband who had to quit his job to care for his wife. It is thought to be the third largest medical malpractice award in the county.

Medical malpractice lawsuits require experience

Medical malpractice attorneys are not a dime a dozen. Experience in this type of law can mean the difference between a quick - and oftentimes low - settlement or a multi-million dollar jury verdict like Barnish received. While every case is different, medical malpractice attorneys generally use numerous experts to prove their case and can tell you how certain injuries are valued in your area.

Just as you wouldn't consult with a plumber to fix your roof, why consult with an attorney whose practice doesn't focus in this area of the law? You can find out more by contacting a medical malpractice attorney in your area for a free consultation and without any obligation. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries - don't settle for a dime less than you're entitled to.

Find the Right Lawyer for Your Legal Issue!

Fast, Free, and Confidential