Analyze Your Tax Debt Resolution Options Before Contacting The IRS

Many Americans who owe the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) money don’t fully understand the variety of IRS debt resolution options available to them. Justin Hein, Managing Attorney for Roni Deutch, A Professional Tax Corporation says that many taxpayers don’t have enough information before trying to deal with the IRS.

IRS debt resolution

Not only do people misunderstand their tax debt resolution options when dealing with the IRS, but they also misunderstand how the IRS determines who is eligible for those tax debt resolution options. One of the most misunderstood IRS debt resolution programs is the Offer in Compromise, in which the IRS will settle for less money than what is owed. Though most taxpayers with IRS tax debt want to file for an Offer in Compromise, the qualification schema for this program is very strict and requires a thorough financial analysis in order to prove that a taxpayer qualifies.

Hein suggests, “While there are instructions on the IRS's website as to how to qualify, it's in your best interest to contact an IRS tax debt resolution attorney such as the attorneys at our law firm. We will go through a free tax analysis to determine whether or not you qualify for an Offer in Compromise.” Hein warns that if somebody tries to file for an Offer in Compromise without taking advantage of an attorney’s analysis, they might go through an arduous process with the IRS just to find out that that their offer won’t be accepted.

Free tax debt resolution consultation may provide solutions

Many law firms offer a free, confidential and thorough tax debt resolution analysis. When an individual contacts one of such law firms, the attorneys and staff guide the taxpayer through an analysis similar to the type used by the IRS for any of its tax debt resolution programs.

An experienced tax attorney can then determine whether an IRS tax debt resolution programs may be available for the individual taxpayer, and which one would be most appropriate. Sometimes there is more than one option available and an experienced tax debt resolution attorney typically will present all solutions to the taxpayer, provide advice and let the taxpayer choose what path to follow.