I am going to be paid a visit by an IRS Special Agent. What should I do?

IRS Special Agents are CRIMINAL INVESTIGATORS. Their presence suggests that you are under criminal investigation. You should thus say nothing except, "I will have my attorney contact you in the next few days and I am not prepared to discuss anything with you until I speak to my attorney. Please immediately leave the premises."

When the Special Agent says, "You'll only make it harder for yourself. I may be able to resolve it right now with just a few simple questions" -- just say, "I want to consult my attorney. Please leave immediately". Then run to a tax attorney as fast as you can. You may be subject to criminal tax penalties that may lead to the loss of freedom. In a criminal tax investigation, as all other criminal investigations, you are afforded a number of rights. It is important to be extremely careful of what you do and what you say so you do not lose or give away any of your rights.